Amor Perfecto Coffee :: Only the Best Coffee from Colombia

Our goal at Amor Perfecto is to provide the best coffee to the homes of those that can appreciate good coffee.  The following are our 5 keys to producing the best coffee:

  1. Getting beans from the best coffee regions in the world and the farms that know how to grow and harvest beans.  We buy coffee from the best regions in Colombia, like Huila (wee-la) and only from certified growers.
  2. Selecting only beans that are ready!  When you go to the store, do you pick bananas that are brown or green?  No, you pick only the ones that are ripe and ready to eat.  The same applies to coffee beans.  Many producers mix the unripe beans with ripe ones, thus creating an imperfect coffee.  We buy bags only after we review the lots we are buying.  We ensure we get the best beans in our processing facility. 
  3. Roasting the “green” beans within weeks of processing them.  The green bean is in its ideal state for weeks, but will then slowly start to lose its ideal nature.  You do not want a bag of green beans to sit for months.  Our beans are bought during or just after the season and we buy then as we need them, ensuring our beans do not “sit” for long. 
  4. Roasting the bean with a roaster that knows how to roast.  You do not want to over roast a bean or under roast.  The roasting process is critical to creating a good flavor.  We do our own processing and roasting to ensure the best outcome and flavor. 
  5. Once the bean is roasted, no time must be wasted!  Roasted beans immediately start to lose their qualities so it is important to make coffee within days or weeks.  This is the problem with buying roasted coffee in a store since delivery, stocking, and shelf time all start to add up.  It can be weeks old by the time you buy it.  We roast our coffee immediately before sending it directly from our roaster to your home!